Assessment Consulting

Strategic Assessments Drive Better Talent Decisions & Outcomes

Effective hires are a strategic requirement for business success. 

Our assessment consultation professionals understand what drives positive performance and will help you predict which candidates are likely to perform well within the culture of your business—before you extend an offer. 

Our consulting services and behavioral assessment processes and tools integrate seamlessly into your current hiring culture, delivering an effective solution for identifying the right people to move your organization forward.

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Behavioral Assessment Consulting Services

Our assessment consultations will:


  • Improve retention   
  • Decrease turnover 
  • Reduce costs of ineffective hiring decisions  
  • Identify behavioral trends of successful employees
  • Correlate competencies and job performance
  • Identify high potential candidates
  • Support hiring decisions


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Based on robust principles and designed for return on investment, our behavioral assessments identify which character traits are best suited for various roles within your organization. By selecting for cultural fit, predicting retention based on personal characteristics, and identifying behavioral tendencies that influence job performance, we can help you reduce turnover and improve retention rates among existing employees and new hires.

Our assessments incorporate:

  • Biographical data—Past behavior and experiences that act as indicators of commitment 
  • Personality profiles—Stable characteristics that influence whether a person will stay or leave
  • Motivating values—Personal priorities that drive behavior and goal attainment


Our competency-based assessments correlate skills and ability with criteria statistically indicative of job success. We test for nine behavioral competencies including work ethic, customer focus, teamwork, compassion, openness to learning, valuing diversity, energy, flexibility/adaptability, and multi-tasking.

By focusing on both hard and soft skills during the hiring process, we can help you identify and cultivate the right talent for your business.